The Eleven Method (English Edition) por Florin Cujba

The Eleven Method (English Edition) por Florin Cujba

Titulo del libro : The Eleven Method (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : July 20, 2018
Autor : Florin Cujba
Número de páginas : 130

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Florin Cujba con The Eleven Method (English Edition)

This program was designed by Florin Cujbă, and it was turned into a full training and nutrition program with the help of editors of Men’sHealth Romania.

THIS METHOD CAN BE USED BY ANYONE WHO wishes to transform his/her body and stay in shape for a longer period of time.

Every workout is intended to do one thing: maximize results. Whether that result is fitness, function and performance, fat loss, or physique improvements, you want your efforts to pay off. What if you had the opportunity to have your own Personal Trainer to guide you 11 weeks and show you how you could make it better? Now you do have access to that expertise, with THE ELEVEN METHOD

At this date, the online environment is jam-packed with fitness articles and healthy lifestyle. The word „wellness” meaning „a state of being happy” is omnipresent. We hear about sensational pills, ideal exercises, wonder diets and so on. But they all leave behind the main focus: YOU.
You must filter all this information, think about it and decide which one to use. You may end up using tens maybe hundreds of such strategies, without a real or sustainable result on the long run. I am not saying the information is wrong, but just that the important parts are missing.
Most of the online information starts from the solution, without taking into consideration the difficult process of changing the lifestyle.
Any change should start from within, meaning from you. You are the only one responsible for your success or failure. It is easy to transfer the responsibility of a failure from your own person to other areas, but if it keeps repeating, it becomes a behavior hard to control. Stop it now! The following pages will show you how


PA R T 1
Do you want a new body? This is all you need to know about training before dealing with weights. Test yourself!

PA R T 2
You cannot gain a harmonious body if you neglect your diet. Change your diet and you will see the
results immediately.

PA R T 3
Follow this intensive 11 weeks plan to change your body and lifestyle forever!